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AMP’s mission is to simplify the video production process, carefully create artful & interesting content, and bring our clients’ visions to life.


We are an Atlanta-based, full-service video production company driven to craft the highest quality content for our clients. Our team understands that creation is only the first step in producing top-quality corporate, marketing, training, and other commercial videos. Reaching a specific audience, inciting consideration, and inspiring action in your audience is an art form unto itself. We pride ourselves on cultivating our clients’ visions, capturing the essence of their ideas and products, and then conveying that message with precision to every viewer. The trained, experienced staff at AMP has the knowledge, passion, commitment, and intention to make these goals a reality. The ideal AMP client wants more than a video, and is seeking a content creation partner who understands their need to invest in the future of their company, their product, and their brand.