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Should Your Business Use Animated Explainer Videos?

Designed to describe and explain brands and businesses, explainer videos literally explain and educate. Using animation, the video becomes compelling and engaging, grabbing the attention of the viewer. Additionally, animation can help to cut costs, and it’s easy to add voice... Read More

Don’t Make Boring Marketing Videos

It stands to reason that if you want people to watch your marketing videos they should never be boring. You need to create interest and then retain it for as long as need be, for four minutes, ten minutes, or even longer. While simply aiming to make a marketing video go viral ... Read More

Top Trends in Video Marketing in 2017

The popularity and value of video marketing is growing exponentially and it promises more conversions than any other type of marketing. But that doesn’t make all forms of video marketing successful. You need to identify and appeal to your target market in record-quick time, ... Read More