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Casting Call for Live Event

Breakdown Summary Project ID: 134558 Project: 80S PUPPET FANTASY MOVIE HALLOWEEN EVENT Category: Interactive Project Union: Non Union Usage: Internet Conflicts: None Project Overview: Shallowings into the goblin lands sometimes appear in the strangest of places: here and ... Read More

The Value of Green Screen Videos

Green screens are big in the movie industry. But did you know that green screen videos are also a highly efficient and effective production method for business owners, including small and medium enterprises? In a nutshell, green screen videos save time and money and enable bus... Read More

Intern this Summer with Atlanta Media Pros!

Post-Production Internship Come spend your summer with a creative team in a fast-paced, collaborative work environment! This internship opportunity is for students looking to develop their post-production skills and gain experience in the film industry for class credit. We are l... Read More

Cut Costs With Green Screen Product Demo Videos

Professional product demos are valued by marketing gurus in every industry. But to produce a really good marketing video for your products is going to cost a lot of money. Right? No wrong. One of the most cost effective ways to produce video product demos is with green screen vid... Read More