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Professional product demos are valued by marketing gurus in every industry. But to produce a really good marketing video for your products is going to cost a lot of money. Right? No wrong. One of the most cost effective ways to produce video product demos is with green screen videos.

What are Green Screen Product Demo Videos?

For the uninitiated, shooting product demos against a green (or another single color) screen might appear to indicate a lack of creativity. But in fact using green screen videos is one of the most valuable methods to achieve any background effect you want.

One of the most common video production techniques, green screen videos are also used for lower cost movies. What happens is, the videographer (or film maker) shoots the product (or movie) against a plain colored screen. Software is used to make the background transparent, and then the background is filled in with images or other video footage. It can work for just about anything from food, beverages and other consumer products, to airplanes and cars. So, for instance, a car will be filmed against a green background and then any type of road scene or suitable environment will be used to replace the green using Chroma Key technology. This might be in a busy city, on a country road, or even in a desert, depending on the needs of the marketing campaign.

Green screen videos are nothing new. They have been used since the 1930s, though blue screens have also been used almost as long. In fact, a number of single colors may be used, though not yellow and red. Green is generally the most successful background color, particularly when using a digital camera. This is because it is clean and has a certain luminescence about it.

In addition to the Chroma Key technology needed, there are other skills involved in ensuring a virtual background works for product demos. For example, correct lighting is essential, and professional equipment is required to help avoid unwanted reflections and shadows. Perspective is also very important so the person or product doesn’t look out of place because it is either too big or too small for the super-imposed background.

Advantages of Using Green Screen Videos for Product Demos

Green screen videos make it easy to use any background for product demos. These can be static or moving, and can be sourced from stock photography or videos, or shot specially for the demo. The same background video can be used for different products, or for a single campaign for consistency. This in itself will cut down on costs.

Another advantage is that green screen videos are portable and incredibly flexible. The screen is simple to erect and dismantle, and it can be easily moved, and used just about anywhere. This can save time, which also saves money.

The use of a green screen for product demos also ensures consistent lighting. This is a great advantage when shooting video series, since it makes it possible to achieve the same look and feel even when filming at different times.

Branding is an important factor when creating product demos, and the green screen video Chroma Key compositing process makes it easy to include logos and names. It is also a lot easier to change branding at a later stage if necessary.

Atlanta Media Pros offer the full range of green screen video services and will cater for businesses with limited budgets. So if you want a professional service that will deliver top quality product demos, contact us to discuss your needs.