Green Screen Videos are Great for Company Training

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Green screen videos provide a cost effective solution to video production that is both flexible and efficient. They are ideal when you have a number of different parts for a video that needs to be assembled as a composite, especially when you are operating out of a studio or confined environment. Instead, the basic elements can be captured on video and background footage can be added later. It is also possible to shoot people separately and then add them to the green screen so it appears as if everyone was in the same place at the same time – a factor that is great when producing company training videos.

Generally, green screen videos are incredibly versatile and can be used as marketing and event videos, and corporate videos that are branded. When drones are used for aerial videos, the footage can be chroma-keyed onto the green screen after the basic content has been filmed, whether for marketing, training or to capture an event. They are particularly effective when used for explainer videos that present products and services in a quickly digestible manner, and for training and eLearning.

Content of Corporate Green Screen Videos

Green screen videos for company training use focus on different areas, depending on the company’s needs. But they are particularly useful when used to share information, communicate in-house, and to train staff. When used for company training, the training leader may be filmed against the green screen backdrop and then post-production, the visual backgrounds may be inserted.

So, for instance, if employees at a travel agency are expected to sell holiday packages in real time, instead of spending millions of dollars sending each of them off to visit every location, footage from multiple locations can be added later for them to live the experience visually.If shop assistants working in a store that sells organic fruit and vegetables have no knowledge of how the products differ to regular fruit and veg, a green screen video can take them on a journey of discovery.

The possibilities are endless.

When using green screen videos for corporate/company training it’s not just about interesting and imaginative backgrounds, it’s also about teaching just about anything. So green screen videos may be used to help improve staff relations or to train employees in etiquette when dealing with customers… whatever is needed

Why Green Screen Videos for Company Training are Better Than Other Forms of Training

The options for company training are vast and varied. Conventional training methods include slideshows, PowerPoint presentations, and trainer led groups. Videos produced for company training require minimal equipment other than a microphone and/or playback device and a viewing screen or even a clean, white wall. This makes it possible to use the training videos virtually anywhere.

This portability is combined with consistency and effectiveness because the video is pre-recorded and vetted to ensure it will be engaging and engrossing. This, in turn, will make the exercise more productive.

We’ve already said that green screen videos are cost effective in terms of production. But they are also cost efficient in terms of presentation. A company that has branches in different states, or even towns and cities in one state, can cut costs on trainer fees because the trainer is in the video!

There is endless potential for using green screen videos for corporate/company videos.

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