Let Your Customers Give Credibility to Your Marketing Videos through Emotional Attachment

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Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing you can use. So, once you have connected with customers and achieved a sound customer base your customers will help to sell your products and services for you.

Scientific research has shown that if companies can connect with the emotions of customers this can have a major impact on customer support and loyalty.

The challenge though is to make the initial connection and trigger an emotional attachment that will result in an increased bottom line. This, of course, depends on identifying what will trigger the “right” emotions as well as the best way to do this. One very powerful method is to use marketing videos that are designed to generate specific emotions. But the message must be clear, it could be anything from showing how a product can help a person be successful in life, how it will make them feel more secure, or how to be more creative, to believing they will help protect the environment if they use the product. They vary from product to product and brand to brand.

The Value of Emotional Attachment 

According to a report by the California headquartered predictive intelligence company Motista, by making an emotional connection with customers, companies can spark “profitable behaviors” that result in customers buying into their brands. Once fully connected emotionally with a brand or product they found that customers were satisfied with the product and could differentiate between that brand and other brands. The report, published in the Harvard Business Review late 2015 reported a dramatic increase in customer value from those were able to recognize differences between brands and were satisfied with a particular brand or product and those who had become fully connected emotionally.

The researchers evaluated customer value and found that compared to “highly satisfied” customers who were neither brand conscious nor emotionally attached:

  • Those who were able to differentiate between brands and were satisfied with the product were at least 13% more valuable to the company
  • Those who could differentiate, were satisfied, and were emotionally connected were at least 52% more valuable

Emotional Attachment Versus Dissatisfaction

Many companies focus marketing efforts on making dissatisfied customers happy. But the research shows it is much more productive and profitable to focus on making “highly satisfied” customers emotionally connected. Even higher returns will be realized if fully connected customers are targeted.

Once again, the challenge is to identify what customers will connect with.

One way to do this is with market research that asks your existing customers what attracts them to your product or brand. Or, if you have already identified what sparks an emotional attachment, to use that information to grow your brand.

Use Marketing Videos to Reinforce Customer Support

People love videos because they tell a story or explain how a product works much quicker and often more efficiently than a book or manual. When it comes to marketing, videos are an incredibly effective medium for introducing new customers to products and reinforcing the value of products for those who are considering using or have already used them.

There are a number of different ways to do this from first person testimonials to simply including a customer message in the marketing video.

A professional production and marketing company like Atlanta Media Pros will help you ensure that you target customers in a way that will guarantee a maximum return on investment. And it doesn’t have to break your budget.

If you want to attach emotionally with your existing and emotional customers call AMP today to find out how just $750 can get you four minutes of fully edited marketing video content. We can’t wait to help you achieve your goals.