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No matter what type of video you need, AMP has you covered! We’ll get you fly-by and overhead shots with our drone video coverage. We’ll get your audience pumped up with music videos and event coverage. Do you need internal training videos or external videos showing off your awesome staff and crew? We’ve got that too. If you’re looking to shoot a feature film, green screen project, short commercial, or original YouTube series we’ll help you get exactly what you need- from filming, to editing, to marketing your content. Bidding on a project and want to win over your prospective client? Let us help with RFP (request for proposal) video. Show off your stuff with informational product videos. Generate interest in your event with promotional video. We’ll shoot on location and make your talent look great and capture beautiful b-roll for transitional shots. We can also work internally with sourced high-quality video and stills to make your project come to life. Whatever you need, our local Atlanta crew of highly motivated and passionate individuals is here to work with you to make your dreams come to life.