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AMP understands videos and everything about videos. Videos are our forte and we know how to craft and tailor videos of different types to meet our clients’ needs. We also know how to ensure that they are effective and can be viewed online via a variety of platforms from desk computers to laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

A multitude of studies show the increased interest in videos from consumers. For instance, according to a study by Invodo, 90 percent of consumers watch videos online; 33 percent of people who use tablets water spend at least an hour a day watching videos; and soon, 74 percent of all Internet traffic is going to be video.

Whatever type of video you require, we will produce a top quality product that you can use for marketing, training, or any other purpose.

Our services include:

  • Branding videos that add brand value to your message whether the video is a new one or was produced long ago and might otherwise be too dated to use.
  • Corporate videos that can be used in-house to train or pass on knowledge and information to management and employees.
  • Drone and aerial videos that will enable you to add an exciting new dynamic to videos that will take them to a new high.
  • Event videos that capture the life of the moment in the full realm of events from weddings to conferences, and trade shows to international sports competitions.
  • Explainer videos that literally explain a product or service in a short, snappy, effective way.
  • Green screen videos that enable us to cut costs without compromising quality and efficacy.
  • Marketing videos that enable customers to find your product and services, and make the most meaningful digital impact on traditional business.
  • Training and e-learning videos that increase motivation for learning and cut down the costs of providing it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that each of our services stands alone. For instance, you might want to brand your event videos, or use a green screen video for in-house corporate training. Similarly, marketing videos will by their very nature highlight brands and might incorporate video footage taken with a drone.

How can the professionals at AMP help you achieve your video needs and requirements? Let’s talk about the story you want to tell.