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Aerial videos used to be an incredibly expensive exercise that only the major corporates could afford. While effective for many purposes, they weren’t within the reach of everyone.

The birth of drones has changed all this. They also make it possible to get aerial pictures that would be virtually impossible from a small plane or helicopter. Not only is the cost radically reduced but the possibilities are considerably more versatile.

Drone videos provide aerial photography that has a whole new realm of possibilities. You’re going to need a professionally piloted drone, but you aren’t going to have to fuel and refuel the craft with aviation fuel that is extremely costly. Drones are battery-powered and highly maneuverable, which makes them a great choice for buildings, landscapes, and projects that need to be shot from above.

What conventional aerial photography could do, drone videos can usually do better, particularly for small business needs. They can also be used for inspection purposes and to record progress on certain projects.

Drone and Aerial Videos from Atlanta Media Pros

AMP’s drone service will enable you to add an exciting dynamic to your video to help it stand out from your competitors by utilizing an unbeatable bird’s eye view. It’s also a great solution when you can’t get a camera exactly where you want it.

A drone will also enable you to include footage as a supplement for any kind of video, from real estate to event coverage, close-ups of industrial objects, and anything in between.

Ask the professionals at AMP about our professional pilots and top of the line equipment that will produce high-quality videos with a resolution of up to 4k.

Allow us to take your video to the highest level possible.

Drone and Aerial Video Stats

The commercial drone market is still very new and companies that use them are still finding ways to exploit their usefulness. Nevertheless, it is reported that:

  • Film, photo, and video firms are the highest users of drones. By late October 2015 close to 71 percent of Section 333 grants claimed this was their primary use for the drones they registered.
  • 84 to 94.5 percent of companies using drones are small businesses.
  • By 2018 it is estimated there will be 600,000 commercial US drones in the air.
  • Late 2015 the estimated value of the drone industry was $3.3 billion and by 2025 its projected value is $90 billion.