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Whether you specialize in weddings, conferences, musical festivals, or sporting events, the best way to share the experience is visually. Photographs can work, but without a doubt, videos are much more effective because they bring the event alive.

Event videos ultimately provide you with a professional record of your performance or happening that you can share. Unlike most other videos, you might want an event video for your own record, but properly produced event videos are invaluable for events organizers’ marketing purposes.

Overall, event videos are vast and varied and incorporate coverage of everything from highly specialized niche-industry conferences and trade shows, to festivals that appeal to the masses, classy concerts, recitals, dances and thought-provoking plays. They also include the full realm of sports events and tournaments. This makes them highly visual and natural content generators. Just about every aspect of an event can be videoed, from those who participate to those who organize. And videos may be used in a multitude of ways from social media to corporate training. You just have to have the vision to know where you are headed.

Performance and Event Videos from Atlanta Media Pros

Whether it’s your personal passion or an event that has been organized on a purely commercial basis, we know the incredibly careful planning and preparation that goes into the production of events in general.

If it’s a personal event where you have put everything you have into your craft, we will enable you to preserve and share those efforts. AMP will capture your talent with our signature attention to quality. We provide high-definition video, crystal clear audio, and the artistic abilities of our award winning editing team, allowing you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you: putting together an event that will amaze your audience!

If this is a commercial event, we will capture the mood and enthusiasm of participants or supporters, depending of course on the type of event. The fact is that events, whether they are intimate weddings or international games, represent a dynamic industry that continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Event videos will enable you to both promote and extend the life of the events you organize.

If this is the industry you participate in, you need a record of what you have achieved. Tell us how you plan to use the video and we will ensure that it is created to meet your needs.

Allow us to provide you with a mechanism that you can use to share your message and skills.

Event Video Stats

If you’re thinking of advertising your event on television, you might want to keep your money. Stats show that people upload more video content every 30 days than the three top US TV networks combined have created in three decades!

Furthermore, apart from anything else:

  • Average users are exposed to about 32.2 videos every month – that’s more than one every day.
  • One third of all online activity is spent watching videos – not TV.
  • 92 percent of mobile video users share their videos with others.