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Training and eLearning videos are known to heighten motivation of people to learn and to stimulate brainstorming. They appeal to various different learning needs and can be adapted for virtually any audience.

Training and eLearning videos have commonly been used in schools and colleges, but they have become increasingly popular in the business environment in recent years. Not that long ago you’d have been forgiven for believing that using videos to train your employees was simple a fad. But now that many of the world’s largest, most successful companies have embraced the idea, it’s clear that this is the way business is done in our new engaged, information-rich workplace.

IBM is just one company that has reaped the rewards of eLearning training. Having done some research that revealed traditional training events that required travel and accommodation attracted an additional bill of more than 40 percent of the total event cost, they decided to do things differently. After shifting half of the company’s training to eLearning, IBM reported a $579 million in savings in only two years!

It might seem amazing, but it isn’t rocket science to pinpoint just why training and eLearning videos have become so important.

  • Videos are much more effective than books when it comes to keeping learners engaged.
  • Videos capture attention quickly and effectively.
  • Videos are great for demonstrations and provide a user-friendly platform for explaining complex concepts.
  • Videos can be used very successfully to reinforce what learners have been taught through other methods – verbal and written.
  • Those who learn via videos seem to able to store information more easily and more effectively.
  • Videos are fantastic for triggering discussion and dialogue.
  • In the business context, simulations of processes and manufacturing have great potential via videos.

Generally training and eLearning videos are short and interactive. We find it is better to have a series of eLearning videos than just a single training tool. Length does though depend on both the age and expertise of those who will be using the video for training.

Training and E-Learning Videos from Atlanta Media Pros

The benefits speak for themselves. Training costs for new employees are dramatically reduced with training and eLearning videos. Training is standardized across territories without the need for extensive travel, but with a guarantee that all employees will hear the same important messages. Additionally, research has shown that employees are much more likely to watch a video than to read or listen to other types of materials.

Converting to video training will significantly reduce your bottom line and increase the quality of training for your employees. Contact AMP today to learn more about how we can make these results happen for you and your business.

Allow us to help your business transition from live training to video.

Training and eLearning Video Stats

Training and eLearning videos really do work:

  • 67 percent of teachers find video lessons to be a very effective way of educating students.
  • 46 percent of teachers report they have created at least one video lesson themselves.
  • 67 percent of online learners have taken video-based classes. (Skilljar)
  • Every minute around 400 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube for its 1 billion active users.
  • The average time people spend on YouTube is 40 minutes.