The Value of Green Screen Videos

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Green screens are big in the movie industry. But did you know that green screen videos are also a highly efficient and effective production method for business owners, including small and medium enterprises?

In a nutshell, green screen videos save time and money and enable businesses, however big or small to brand their operations or products, without compromising quality.

Originally used to create special effects for an award-winning 1940 movie, The Thief of Bagdad the technique has been simplified, but still uses a green screen to replace the existing background of the video. Also known as chroma key compositing, it enables filmmakers to layer separate images or video streams so that they look as if they were shot in any chosen location at one time.

It is a particularly useful technique for corporate training, product demonstrations, and low-cost commercials that are geared for a specific viewership or audience.

How Green Screen Videos Save Money

Green screen videos can be filmed anywhere, even in a studio, a factory, or on a shop floor. Furthermore, presenters and/or actors and products can be shot separately, and then placed together afterwards. They can then be placed in any location desired, even somewhere on the other side of the world!

Apart from the fact that you eliminate the costs directly associated with on-location video shoots, time is minimized, and this translates directly to money spent. If you plan cleverly, you can even shoot several videos at a time. This can be a huge money saver, especially if there is a need to hire a video studio or a professional crew.

How Green Screen Videos Save Time

Because the green screen process is so flexible and versatile, it also saves time. The equipment is quick and easy to erect and dismantle anywhere. If there are multiple people involved in the presentation, there is no need to wait for them all to be available at the same time.

Because ambient light is blocked out when videos are shot against a green screen, there is no need to wait for perfect natural lighting. Weather conditions are not a factor either. This means that consistency is guaranteed whether you leave the equipment set up for different people, or move it to another location to suit individual needs.

Branding Green Screen Videos

There are many different ways that videos can be branded to highlight products, business brands, or even events. The beauty of green screen videos is that they are super-easy to brand, and branding can be changed at any time.

Once the video itself is complete, logos and graphics are added in keeping with the brand.

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