Value of Using Green Screen Videos for In-House Training

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Green screen videos are more versatile than many people realize. They can be used for the creation of any type of movie from those that stem from Hollywood to short, informative product demos, and any form of in-house training.

The benefits of using green screen videos are also greater than many people are aware of. Because the equipment is portable, they make shooting videos flexible and efficient. For instance, if several people are going to be involved in the video, they can all be filmed separately, at the most convenient location, and then positioned together. All have the same green background at this stage. Then the producers add the background required, and this can be anything from a static sunset to a racing car shooting across the screen.

To fully appreciate the opportunities offered by green screen videos to in-house training it is necessary to evaluate the advantages of in-house training itself.

Why Businesses Use In-House Training

Employees of all types need training, no matter how well qualified they are. That’s because every enterprise is unique in its own way. Even stores that sell exactly the same products have different ways of doing things.

In terms of training, the ultimate objective is to increase efficiency and improve the quality of people, processes, and the organization or enterprise as a whole.

Some companies send personnel to courses to learn further skills while others prefer to do their training in house. This doesn’t necessarily mean that training takes place on-site in the office, factory, or any other area in the workplace. Rather, it means that people from the company do the training without relying on input from outside.

It’s a less expensive way to train people, and because those within the company are involved, often a much more effective way of imparting either work-related skills or knowledge.

Training Toolkits

There are many tools that companies and other organizations use for in-house training. These include seminars and workshops, as well as presentations in many forms. Video presentations are one of the most popular training tools.

If you opt for video, the three most important elements are:

  1. Content
  2. Production
  3. Presentation


Content of In-House Videos

What is the message you want to share? It really could be anything from office etiquette to production methods, or information about products that empower your sales staff. Whoever is in charge of determining content needs to be an expert or at very least conversant with the subject matter. Even if the company has full-time training staff, those with the relevant knowledge must be involved with determining content.

The people involved in deciding on content may or may not be involved with production of the video and/or its presentation to employees.

Production of In-House Videos

The route you take will depend on in-house expertize as well as budget. If there are people within the company who have experience producing videos this could be done in-house. But this needs to be a lot more than just owning video equipment. More often than not you’re going to save time and money contracting a professional company to make the in-house video for you, particularly those that have experience producing green screen videos. This in itself will cut costs!

So, before you start shop around and get quotations. Make sure everyone quotes for the same thing and that the end result is clearly defined. Also, ask to see examples of work that is comparative with your needs.

Presentation of In-House Videos

Some companies have specialized personnel that do all their in-house training. Those that don’t might employ someone with experience to handle the presentation. The other option is to get a knowledgeable employee to do the presentation. This person should also be confident and at-ease in terms of interaction with people.

Professionally Produced Green Screen Videos for In-House Training

Atlanta Media Pros (AMP) offers a specialized service that provides green screen videos for in-house training. Most of AMP’s clients are committed to video presentation and video marketing but have limited budgets. AMP never skimps on quality, and will produce a highly effective video to meet your needs.

AMP works with clients to promote their vision and, in so doing, helps them to convey whatever message they have. Based in Georgia, the AMP team is highly trained, experienced, and qualified to make your goals a reality. Contact us to see what we can do for your business.